Dalai Lama


Campground - 1002 Kane Creek Blvd, Moab, UT 84532

RV Park - 2481 Kane Creek Blvd, Moab, UT 84532

(Mail Cannot Be Received At These Addresses)

Please reach out to "Canyonlands Copy Center" in Moab for mail service.

Our campsite is one of the most beautiful places in Moab, but it is just a campsite. If you're looking for manicured lawns, flowing fountains and mai-tais by the pool, there are plenty of other offerings available. We offer open space where you can be close to friends, star filled nights around the campfire, and unbeatable views, all nearby some of the most popular adventure locations and trails in Moab. Unfortunately we do not have WiFi or cell service at our campground so plan accordingly.

While we are located on the Colorado River, there is no River Access from the Property. During the spring, the water near our campground becomes dangerous and fast so you must stay out. If you want to swim in the river, there are multiple beaches and entry points a short drive  away.


If you're uncomfortable with dirt, wind and weather, and campfire smoke; this is not your place. There are many wonderful hotels in town and you'll probably be happier there. Kane Creek is for those looking for an authentic nature experience. All in a setting that has been featured in many Hollywood productions including HBO's Westworld.

1002 S Kane Creek Blvd, Moab, Ut 84532


Kane Creek Campground and RV Park is located at the edge of the Colorado River facing the steep cliffs of "Wall Street" - a three mile section of vertical sandstone cliffs that rise more than 500' from the river. If traveling from the north, follow Main Street until you get to Kane Creek Boulevard. Turn right and follow this road to the campground. If traveling from the South, follow Main Street until you hit Kane Creek Blvd and turn Left. Follow this road until you hit the campground.